Very Cheap Monster High Dolls and where to buy them

Dolls fall in the category of those which are cheap to be given as gifts. But when it comes to popular dolls like Barbie or Monster High, kids would love to get them as gifts, but you may wonder if they will fit in your budget when buying many. Don’t worry! This is the place where I write about very cheap Monster High Dolls and tips to buy them!

cheap monster high dolls

Well if you want to know the cheapest Monster High Doll, then it would be Dawn of the Dance Cleo de Nile. You can get the complete set for around $14-15. But if you want to know what new Monster High Dolls you can get for the same amount, here are they.

For those who don’t know, Monster High Skull Shores Dolls was a new series of dolls introduced by Mattel recently. Skull Shores Ghoulia Yelps  Doll can be purchased at Amazon for $15. For those who are really interested in Skull Shores Dolls, Skull Shores Lagoona Blue and Skull Shores Abbey Bominable also rank in the top 10 cheap Monster High Dolls 2012.

If there is an entire series which is very cheap, it should be Monster High Classroom. This is the only series in which all dolls are below  $18. So if you are planning to surprise your child with an entire collection of dolls, then you can get this cheap.

cheap monster high dolls

Monster High Draculaura Doll is everyone’s favorite. Gloom Beach and Dead Tired Draculaura Doll is by far the cheapest  of all Draculaura dolls. By the way, next to Classroom Series, Gloom Beach  line of dolls is also cheap except for the ever-rare-to-find Clawdeen doll.

Of all Monster High Dolls, Frankie Stein Doll is the cheapest, whatever style you maybe buying. Be it Classrooms, Dead Tired or Gloom Beach she comes for less when compared to her friends. So if your child loves Frankie Stein, consider yourself lucky!

Jackson Jekyll might not be everyone’s craze. But Gloom Beach Jackson Jekyll is the cheapest of all boy Monster High  Dolls.

How to buy cheap Monster High Dolls from Amazon

Amazon has 2 types of sellers. The ones who are fulfilled by Amazon for whom Amazon will ship the products to the customers and the others who aren’t fulfilled by Amazon. The second type of sellers sell their products for a comparatively cheaper price. I have purchased from both types and found nothing big of a difference between the two. If anyone can share what sort of an advantage buyers will get from buying from sellers that have “Fulfilment by Amazon”, please write here.

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13 thoughts on “Very Cheap Monster High Dolls and where to buy them

    • Gil has become the most precious boy of Monster High for no other boy doll had been so much in demand. You can buy Gil at ease in Amazon. But I felt the price was too high and kept hunting for a cheaper place. I of course found it in Ebay, but for the same cost along with a huge number of bidders to compete with. I heard people say they found the doll at ToysRUs and Target, but I didn’t. So people who desperately want the doll are left with just 2 choices- Amazon or Ebay :(

    • Those are really hard to find because they r original but if u look on amazon or eBay u might have luck…also justice is know for their monster high merchandise…u can always ask Santa…I got Abbey for Christmas try to ask for a MH Christmas

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