Discounts on Monster High Dolls – When and Where

I had been wanting to make a post  to keep you aware of discounts on Monster High Dolls at online and offline retails. I decided not  to delay anymore as Amazon is offering good discounts on selected Monster High Dolls.

If you are buying Monster High Draculaura Roadster now, you can save $7 at Amazon. Many other dolls like Monster High Nefera de Nile Doll, Sweet 1600 Draculaura Doll and Cleo’s Vanity Accessory, have come down to the $20 range from their $30 range.

C.A. Cupid Doll has become a hard-find nowadays, thanks to Mattel’s purposeful restriction in  releasing  this doll. This has made it possible only for collectors to sell this doll. So if you feel that your collection is badly missing this doll, then better late than never. Otherwise, I feel its better to wait for the price to fall.