Monster High Power Ghouls Dolls

Monster High dolls get transformed into Power Ghouls, akin to the super-hero characters to fight against the evil Cat Tastrope- Toralei Stripe! The good souls in the story include Clawdeen Wolf, Spectra Vondergeist and Frankie Stein being a surprise addition recently. The Daughter of Arachne doll which lost against Scarah Screams in Comic Con 2012 is also expected to be released as part of the Power Ghouls line of dolls. The dolls come with an interesting comic book.

Clawdeen wolf as Wonder Wolf


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 Wonder woman character is the right choice for Clawdeen, for she is definitely the wonder wolf of Monster High. One thing I observed with the Power Ghouls dolls displayed in Comic Con 2012 is that, the ghouls are dressed up in their characteristic colors rather than the original colors of these superhero characters. That in a way, gives a fresh look to the ever-in-red Spider woman and the ever-in-blue wonder woman.

Frankie Stein as The Voltageous


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Frankie Stein is getting transformed into The Voltageous. She faintly resembles The Flash. It was only recently announced that she will also be a part of this line. This suggests that there could be a Wave 2 of dolls waiting to be released in this series! Keeping fingers crossed for the Daughter of Arachne!

Spectra as Polter Ghoul


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Spectra is dressed up in her usual violets with wings like that of spider woman. Sometimes I wonder if Operetta would have been as Spider woman.Who can forget how great the blood red color looks on her?

Finally, Toralei As Cat Tastrope


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Tolarei was one of the dolls that went to the height of popularity within days of release. But she has been given a negative role to play in the Power Ghouls series. Will that disturb her popularity? Or will it make her even popular? Let’s wait and see!

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New Monster High Dolls for Christmas 2012 and 2013 – Complete List

A complete list of all Monster High dolls and toys that are releasing for Christmas and for the new year 2013!

Children are crazy about Monster High Dolls. With the result, the dolls are being released at the fastest pace than ever. That makes it very obvious that Mattel would have definitely planned huge surprises for Christmas 2012 and for the upcoming year 2013. Here, I have compiled all the bits and pieces of information that has been out about these new MH dolls. Come back for updates!
Power Ghouls dolls have finally arrived! Check them out at Monster High Power Ghouls Dolls page.

Monster High Ghouls Alive Dolls where Ghouls really come alive!


Scarah Scream doll amazon

The classic dolls of Monster High like the Clawdeen Wolf, Frankie Stein and Spectra dolls come alive in a animated way. The new Clawdeen Wolf doll can now turn her head behind, close her eyes and howl with her hands raised. Frankie Stein doll can now light up as though struck by a lightning, exposing her skull, rib cage and bolts with electrifying sounds. And the Spectra Vondergeist doll can glow blue and makes scary noises. Sounds like fun!

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Monster High Picture Day Dolls released!

When Monster High fans were too busy guessing the next Scaris doll in line, a new series of Picture Day dolls were released recently. They are available for sale at Amazon.
monster high picture day dolls
 Scarah Scream doll amazon

Monster High Scaris- City of Frights Dolls

Scarah Scream doll amazon

Monster High Scaris dolls - Touring the City of Fright

The stylish Rochelle Goyle doll might not have moved masses, but this new doll line inspired by her home land is definitely going to rock the show. For a very long time, we have been hearing that Skelita Calaveras and Jinafire Long are going to be the new characters introduced as a part of Monster High Scaris line. But all of a sudden, at Comic Con 2012, a new character named Catrine DeMew was unveiled. It is also said that she will be a part of the gang travelling to the City of Frights. And if you are still wondering what Scaris- City of Frights is, it is none other than Paris- City of Lights!

On the whole, Scaris- City of Frights dolls line includes Frankie Stein, Rochelle Goyle, Clawdeen Wolf, newcomers Jinafire Long and Skelita Calaveras,  Abbey Bominable, Draculaura, Deuce Gorgon, and Ghoulia Yelps. The first five dolls come with travel journals, suitcases and various accessories, whereas the latter four are budget dolls. This line also includes pla ysets which are expected to release during late 2013. They are a coupe and a food stand.

Monster High Dance Class dolls

I hear you saying, “Enough of sneak peeks.. Show me some real stuff”. So if you are looking for the doll that is in stock right now, it is Monster High Dance Class line of dolls. This line has four dolls, dressed up for the dance party, with Operetta doll dancing to swing music, Lagoona Blue doll dancing to classic, Howleen Wolf shaking her hip for some hip-hop and Robecca Steam doll all set for tap dancing.

                                 Click to check out these Dance Class Dolls

Animated Monster High dolls

In this line, we will see Spectra Vondergeist glowing blue in the dark. Clawdeen being a wolf will howl when you tilt her head. There is also going to be a new Frankie Stein doll that will glow in the dark.

Catrine DeMew doll

catrinedemewdollMonster High has had many purple based dolls like Spectra and Clawdeen. But this purple werecat, Catrine DeMew is really cute and unique in her own way. Nothing much is known about her lineage. Considering the chalk that she carries on her belt, we get that she has a thing for arts.  What I like the most is her wavy, violet hair and childlike features. Really pretty!

Monster High Power Ghouls dolls

monsterhighpowerghoulsdollPower Ghouls dolls will feature dolls dressed up like superhero characters. As of now, we know that Spectra is going to be dressed like Spider Woman and is going to take the name Polterghoul. Clawdeen is going to be dressed like Wonder Woman with the name Wonder Wolf. There is also going to be a new doll dressed like Cat Woman, named Cat Tastrope. Is it going to be some other new character? Is one of the existing werecats going to take up that role? Let’s wait and see!

Headless Headmistress Bloodgood doll

newmonsterhighdolls2013In SDCC 2012, the Headless Headmistress Bloodgood doll (In the Intro Image) lost to Scarah Screams. But to satisfy fans who voted for Bloodgood, Mattel is planning to release the doll during Early 2013 as Target Exclusive.

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