Monster High Power Ghouls Dolls

Monster High dolls get transformed into Power Ghouls, akin to the super-hero characters to fight against the evil Cat Tastrope- Toralei Stripe! The good souls in the story include Clawdeen Wolf, Spectra Vondergeist and Frankie Stein being a surprise addition recently. The Daughter of Arachne doll which lost against Scarah Screams in Comic Con 2012 is also expected to be released as part of the Power Ghouls line of dolls. The dolls come with an interesting comic book.

Clawdeen wolf as Wonder Wolf


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 Wonder woman character is the right choice for Clawdeen, for she is definitely the wonder wolf of Monster High. One thing I observed with the Power Ghouls dolls displayed in Comic Con 2012 is that, the ghouls are dressed up in their characteristic colors rather than the original colors of these superhero characters. That in a way, gives a fresh look to the ever-in-red Spider woman and the ever-in-blue wonder woman.

Frankie Stein as The Voltageous


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Frankie Stein is getting transformed into The Voltageous. She faintly resembles The Flash. It was only recently announced that she will also be a part of this line. This suggests that there could be a Wave 2 of dolls waiting to be released in this series! Keeping fingers crossed for the Daughter of Arachne!

Spectra as Polter Ghoul


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Spectra is dressed up in her usual violets with wings like that of spider woman. Sometimes I wonder if Operetta would have been as Spider woman.Who can forget how great the blood red color looks on her?

Finally, Toralei As Cat Tastrope


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Tolarei was one of the dolls that went to the height of popularity within days of release. But she has been given a negative role to play in the Power Ghouls series. Will that disturb her popularity? Or will it make her even popular? Let’s wait and see!

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