Where to buy Monster High Dolls

Monster High Dolls – The next Barbie

“Monster High Dolls” was a phrase largely searched or rather madly searched in google just after Mattel did the expensive experiment of monster high dolls designed imagining the off-springs of vampires, warewolfs, ghouls and other monsters in books and movies. Since then, these dolls have been selling hot. People buy for their children or grand children to play, or for themselves as a collectible to admire. Whatsoever be the reason, finding them has become a hard task nowadays.

So read on if you are in the hunt for one. I’ll tell you where to buy Monster High Dolls cheap.

First of all, buying online is the best choice for anything which is in great demand. If you are a person who prefers to walk all the way to the toy store to get a toy or two, you may have to take two or three trips to the store, as Monster High Dolls always sell hot.

There are many virtual toy stores online that sell Monster High Dolls. But you need to consider these factors.
1. How many really have dolls in stock?

2. How many of them sell it cheap?

3. How many ship it fast?

Factor No.1 attributes to the great demand for Monster High Dolls. Every store has Cleo, Deuce and other common characters, but when it comes to the rarer ones like Clawdeen, all stores run out of stock. You can find Clawdeen all-time at Amazon and some times at Target and Mattel too. Especially the Clawdeen doll with brown hair is very rare while you can find the one with green hair easily on Ebay. If you are lucky, you can even find them offline in places like Justice and your local  Drug Marts( It’s true!!!). Kmart.com also has dolls in stock.

Factor No. 2. I tried to compare the prices of Clawdeen at top toy stores that sell Monster High Dolls.

Store Clawdeen Draculaura Frankie Stein
Amazon 37.95 17.98 13.39
Toywiz 26.99

No wonder Amazon charges double the retail price for Clawdeen as you can always buy rare  Monster High dolls at Amazon even when you don’t find them in any other place. For other dolls, Amazon is reasonably cheap. On the whole, Walmart and Amazon sell at the cheapest price though Walmart often runs out of stock and lacks variety. Mattel, the manufacturer of these toys also sell them at reasonable prices though they don’t do an excellent shipping service. Target, ToysRUs and Toywiz are a bit more expensive for certain products although you can’t generalise the opinion on all toys.

Factor No. 3  As far as I know, Ebay and Amazon do a reliable shipping. Amazon offers free shipping on some of these dolls too.

Confused about which Monster High doll to get ?

In this blog, I write about the most-preferred Monster High Dolls that you must have in your collection. You can follow the links to buy your favorite Monster High Dolls cheap no matter how rare they might be!

Totally unheard of Monster High Dolls?

If you haven’t heard about Monster High Dolls ever before, follow my blog to know more about these stylist fantasy creatures.

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  1. Do you know where to find Holt Hyde i can’t find him anywhere at a good price online they want triple what the doll sold in stores for.

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